The Expert View Lightbox Exhibition

Daily Life Ltd. project

24 October – 16 December 2014
Dalston Square and CLR James Library, London

Curated by Bobby Baker and Alice Carey, this lightbox exhibition showcased a selection of drawings made by 44 people with lived experiences of the mental health system. Some were made by people with personal experience of mental distress, while others were made by professionals working in mental health and related services. Some people identified with both of those perspectives. The drawings were made over a summer-long series of workshops. These were led by Jake Spicer of Draw, Brighton, at various venues across east London. They took Baker’s Diary Drawings as a starting point. 

Spicer’s workshops built on the success of All Very Well. A video made by Sarah Pickthall, Danny Weinstein and Kezia Martin documented the exhibition and how it was evaluated. This can be seen here. A detailed case study on the project can be found on the microsite Artful Measures

The exhibition included artworks by Andrew Graham, Anis Ali, Ann Marie McShane, Anthony Lawson, Aparna Sanyal, Arc-en-ciel, Ayan Abdisamed, Ayesha Yousuf, Benjamin Gooch, Berdo, Carol Johnston, Claire Brett (Peanuts), Dawn Clarke, Edmund Davie, Elizabeth Johnston Francesca Pisanu, Heather Beveridge, Jacqui Dillon, Jessica Scott, John Jennings, John Joseph Sheehy, Johura Bibi (aka Juicy Mamma J), Kate Lovell, Kate Rolison, Lisanne Davie, Louise Alexander, M, Magda Florek, Marion, Michelle Kelly, Mumtas Ahmed, Ranjana Kanekal, Sana Marchent, Sara Rivers, Sharon Hippolyte, Sharon Shokar, Siobbhan Jones, Sofie, Sophie Adams, Tina Bueno, Valerie Lewis, Yvonne Coughlan, Zoe Catherine Kendall, Zoe Lambe.

Supported by Wellcome and Big Lottery Awards for All


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