Spitting Mad

Bobby Baker performance and film

9 minutes

Originally screened on BBC 2 as a BBC2 and Arts Council Commission for Expanding Pictures

Made with film director Margaret Williams, Spitting Mad was shot on a set referencing both the artist’s studio and a domestic space. Using her mouth to apply a variety of foodstuffs onto white oblong cloths, Bobby Baker creates a series of images while providing commentary on the artistic processes and decisions being made. The culmination of this painting sequence sees Baker fill her mouth to brimming point with ketchup before spitting the entire contents out onto the final cloth. A parting shot shows her on a barge cruising past the Houses of Parliament and using the flags to convey a semaphore message spelling out ‘PROVIDE BETTER FEEDING’.

Director: Margaret Williams
Production Company: Euphoria Films
Commissioning Company: Arts Council of England
Commissioning Company: BBC Television
Executive Producer: Keith Alexander
Executive Producer: Rodney Wilson
Series Producer: Sophie Gardiner
Series Producer: Debra Hauer

Listed at the BFI here


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