Other cakes and edible artworks


Other early cakes and artworks made of food, 1972–73

This page gathers together a selection of Bobby Baker’s early edible artworks made between 1972-3, immediately after and in direct response to Baseball Boot Cake (1972).

Cake Christmas Dinner, 1972

Bobby Baker sculpture

December 1972
St Martin’s School of Art, London

An entire life-size Christmas dinner made from cake including turkey, leg of ham, and all the trimmings. Made for the art school’s Christmas party, the ‘spread’ was soon demolished by guests in a setting that Bobby Baker hoped would overcome the problem of wasting food.

Birthday Tea Party, 1973

Bobby Baker sculpture

28 October 1973
Artist’s sitting room, Anerley, London

In an attempt to strike a balance between Baseball Boot Cake (1972) not being eaten and Cake Christmas Dinner (1972) being overwhelmed by drunken students, Bobby Baker hosted a tea party to display a selection of cakes, meringues and jellies that included a seated nude woman as its centrepiece. Not wanting to ‘spoil’ the display guests refrained from taking part, highlighting the challenges of overcoming behavioural codes and habits.

Baby Cake, 1973

Bobby Baker sculpture

25 November 1973
Ovalhouse, London

Dressed in an old ballgown of her mother’s, a maid’s cap, and elaborate make up, Bobby Baker carved up a life-size baby made from cake presented upon a meat platter. Despite being presented at Ovalhouse, which had a reputation for showcasing radical art, people expressed horror and shock at the act, which Baker herself had perceived as an appropriate and interesting image associated with the festival of Christmas.


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