By the time we went to Warwick in February we had set up a much better touring system, including budgeting for an ASM to join the touring team [assistant stage manager]. I’d also developed good relationships with partners across the Black Country region in a process led by clever and experienced Alan McLean. Ruth Harvey Regan, an artist working for the local health authority was also part of the team. She arranged for the small version of the Diary Drawing exhibition to be shown for a month in the newly established foyer gallery at Hallam Street Hospital, West Bromwich.  It was a lot of work for us to co-ordinate it all – Alice was run off her feet. But the tour and responses from people exceeded all my hopes by miles. A great crowd of people came to Warwick. We sold loads of books. Signing books is very satisfying, especially if you chose the right pen.  The windows in the Helen Martin studio, with the fab view of the campus, were the thing that made us feel ‘wellest’ that week. Wellest? Wellness? Wellbeing? Weird words really.

Oh, and could someone please photoshop my stomach out? I’m not that shape any more…