We decided to put on a preview show and host a celebratory event to mark our new formation as the independent company Daily Life Ltd in September, prior to the official launch at ICIA Bath in October, for invited ‘interested parties’. Our new office is in Bradbury Studios, the home of Graeae Theatre Company. It’s a great building next to the Geffrye museum on the Kingsland road. It was a good plan – but only if it worked. The previous week we had one rehearsal day with the team of performers (who would share the role on tour)  so as to practise the show and develop their part. We spent a lot of time observing penguins on Youtube. On the preview day we were in Bradbury Studios again. I did one rehearsal at ,lunchtime with friends as an audience. I could barely remember my name, let alone this new show. I remember worried faces clearly thinking ‘Has she blown it this time?’. Virtually all the invited guests, including VIPs and press came to the evening show. Like, no pressure…….. But the show finally ‘jelled’ and they seemed to enjoy themselves. More importantly they came up with some fabulous’top tips’. Lynne Gardener drew a poinsettia and a glass of red wine, half of which I agree with.