Newcastle Tour

This was for 5 shows – 2 in the Star and Shadow, one in Stanley, one in Sunderland Museum and Winter garden and one in Stannington Village Hall. This time it was a tight plan with our local producer Wunderbar. The four of us – Chris Daltry as tech director, Lewis Church as performer and Marie again as ASM – all had a pretty good time. I went by train and hired a car.  I had been the week before with Sian Stevenson (aka Jo Evans) to run a Creative training day. It was inspiring to meet the people who came. All the preparation work of ‘recces’, relationships and training days meant that loads of people came to all the events. So many people I had already met – we talked more during and after the show. At times it was hard not to cry. It all sounds a bit gushy (which I am) and overly optimistic (which I am) and over excited (which I was). Shell decided that she was a Well – top idea that. Selma Star has an inspiring plan for a Big Ben Men performance to take over the streets of London. It should happen. There’s a man in Stanley who liked how friendly we were – so we talked about that some more. I said “Oh, I love it here – it’s so friendly up North”. He and his friend said “Not always dear, not always”.

Newcastle Tour