Launch in Bath

Sian and I ran a ‘Creative Training day’ in the American Museum in Bath the weekend before the launch at ICIA. We had realised that a lot of work needs to go into developing meaningful partnerships – relationships – with local arts and mental health groups, artists and organisations working in similar fields. It requires a subtle form of ‘marketing’ and development to build up the sort of local network I had hoped for. We didn’t have time to do that work prior to Bath, but still a very interesting group of people came. The wet water-colour painting was particularly popular. We hadn’t quite worked out how to practically tour the show either. So I had to do most of the prep work and shopping, lugging stuff about etc, myself. It was definitely a work overload. A huge bag of shopping (mostly biscuits) vanished on my car journey to Bath. Weird. Despite the rush the show went down very well with the ‘capacity’ audiences (Capacity? Artspeak can be infectious) Ian Brown, acting as technical director, Edd Hobbs, as performer, and me had real fun once the shows got going. A research scientist did a drawing about his love of numbers – just thinking about 3, 5 and 9 makes him happy. I loved that.

Launch in Bath