What is a madblog?

If that’s your question then surely you have to consider – What is a Blog? And what is Madness? But how long have you got? I could rattle on about those questions for hours and we’d be none the wiser, probably. And I personally would be very bored.

So the plan is to write this madblog as a sort of journal, log or chronicle about the live show tour of Mad Gyms and Kitchens. I will cover the whole process from coming up with the idea in the first place, making the show, rehearsing it, getting it on the road, touring it and ending up at the Souhthbank Centre in London during the Paralympics 2012. Some of this will be retrospective, some of it sketchy, as the whole thing started back in 2009.

I will introduce who we are and give you a taste of what we get up to ‘behind the scenes’ while we are on and off the road. The amazing drawings made by audience members are captured in Your Own Top Tips. That will give you an idea of the sort of people we encountered on the road who came to see the show.

Here, to start, is my cat Roxy who has done nothing to contribute to this whole process at all. Nothing.


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